Brand Styleguide

The visual identity of software is an integral part of its user experience. Correctly using a consistent and attractive style is important to OONI because it helps users build trust in the work we do.

We hope that this guide will help you create materials and answer potential questions you might have about the use of the OONI “brand”.


Logo uses

The OONI logo consists of the Octopus icon and wordmark, as shown.

OONI Logo uses

In situations that call for a monochrome logo, the canonical blue and pure black are acceptable. However, it is preferable to use the standard multi-color version of the logo when possible. Avoid using the logo in monochrome light blue or other colors apart the canonical blue.

Minimum spacing

The logo should be surrounded by blank space at least as wide as the 'I' character. To measure this vertically, rotate the 'I' by 90 degrees.

OONI Logo spacing

Sub brands

For OONI projects we prefer to use sub-branding rather than have a logo on its own.

The project name is written in Fira Sans Regular beneath the standard OONI logo, in the canonical blue.

Depending on the length of the sub-brand, the font size might differ slightly.

OONI Sub-brands

Logo don'ts

We love it when people show the OONI logo, however we kindly ask you to not use it in the following ways.

OONI Logo don'ts


There is a reason we call this a style guide and not a set of style rules. We expect there to be situations that this guide does not cover, or where you find yourself needing needing to stretch the standards a bit.

Please reach out to our Creative Lead when you encounter such cases. We will work with you to help you find a solution for your design problem that is consistent with the guide. Your feedback will also help us expand and refine the guide to help it better meet the OONI Community's needs.

For any questions and inquiries you might have related to this styleguide, we encourage you to reach out to our Creative Lead or join our slack channel. We will try to help you find good answers!